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Proudly Serving the Tri-State Area.

What is Safe Ride USA?

We provide the highest quality drivers to ensure that our clients reach their destinations safely, efficiently, & cost effectively in the comfort of their own cars.

Our drivers are all acting or retired policemen, detectives, federal agents and law enforcement personnel nationwide. Our reliable, professional team is fully vetted, properly licensed and insured and committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Safe Ride USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Security Services Inc.


We charge $45 per hour (2 hour minimum).
Rates may vary from project to project. Click Here For Rates.

Business Meetings

Turn your car into a mobile office and maximize your productivity.

Airport Travel

Skip long term parking and shuttle buses. Enjoy door to door service.

Night Out

From concerts and the theatre to date night, enjoy the evening without the worry of traffic or parking.